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Project management in accordance with pmi - simulation game - 2 days


  • Refreshes, strengthens and deepens project management skills through practice (simulation game).



The scope of the training course
The group is divided to two equal project teams that realize independent projects commissioned to them by their client (trainer). After receiving initial requirements, the teams draw up their action plans in accordance with methodology they learned during the training. Their objectives include:
  • Gather detailed requirements from the client and specify them,
  • Launch the project, plan all of its elements and realize it,
  • Lay down and apply methods of supervision to monitor progress of the project,
  • Report to the client,
  • Modify the project as and when required,
  • Terminate and evaluate the project.
Throughout the course, the trainer acts both as a client and as a project management adviser. This allows the work of project teams to run smoothly - whenever they get stuck, the trainer intervenes and points the team in the right direction. The game is attractive for the participants because, apart from drawing up project documentation, they have to deliver an actual product to the client (abstract constructions, simple vehicles, etc.) what makes the learning process more fun.

Possible variants of the game:
The game can take place outdoors and take various forms, e.g. building an improvised “petrol station" in a forest including a pump, a till, an underground “fuel" tank - and everything has to work fine because the final exam includes pumping “fuel" into a barrel within a certain period of time.
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