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Project risk management


  • Learn about processes of risk management in accordance with PMI standard (MPBOK Guide 5th ed.)
  • Develop vital skills and techniques to successfully manage risk
  • Practice these skills and techniques to learn how to apply them in real life situations
  • Learn why it is so important to apply professional solutions in risk management



The scope of the training course

Part I. Introduction to Risk Management


  • Basic concepts and definitions
  • Risk Management in the project management standard in accordance to PMI
  • Risk Management objectives

Part II. Risk Management planning in the project

  • Risk Management Plan
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Categories of risk
  • Defining frequency of actions
  • Estimating stakeholders tolerance for risk
  • Monitoring and audits planning
  • Defining the terms of likelihood and impact of risks on project objectives
  • Defining the content of risk register

Part III. Risk Identification

  • Process description (inputs, tools and techniques, outputs)
  • Risk sources
  • Tools and techniques for Risk Identification
    • SWOT analysis
    • Brainstorming and its variants
    • Expert analysis
    • Diagraming methods
    • Documentation analysis
    • Assumptions analysis
  • Risk Register

Part IV. Qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Process description (inputs, tools and techniques, outputs)
  • Methods of defining likelihood of uncertain events
  • Methods of defining impact on the project objectives
  • Selection methods according to categories of the risks
  • Risk Register update

Part V. Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Process description (inputs, tools and techniques, outputs)
  • Objective and tasks of quantitative analysis
  • Tools and techniques description
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Expected Monetary Value
    • Analysis of decision trees
    • Modelling and statistical simulations
  • Outputs
    • Probabilistic project analysis
    • Probability of achieving cost and deadline objectives
    • Risk Register update

Part VI. Risk Response

  • Process description (inputs, tools and techniques, outputs)
  • Risk response for opportunities
  • Risk response for threats
  • Risk response planning
  • The consequences of strategies adopted
    • Risk Register update
    • Project Plan update

Part VII. Monitor and Control Risks

  • Process description (inputs, tools and techniques, outputs)
  • Monitoring of Risk Register
  • Monitoring of Risk Response execution
  • Tools and techniques of monitor and control risks
    • Re-analysis of risks
    • Audits
    • Variances and trend analysis
    • Analysis of reserves
    • Project reviews
  • Outputs of the process
    • Risk Register update
    • Change request
    • Project Plan update
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