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Analytical problem solving and decision making - 2 days


  • Learn PMI® standard of managing project programme
  • Gain practical skills and tools to build, plan and manage programme
  • Monitor programme’s status
  • Get familiar with processes, procedures and document templates that are useful for standardization



The scope of the training course
  1. The role of the Programme in the Enterprise
    • Programmes in Organisations
    • Steering Committees
    • Organizational Structure
    • Development of the Programme
    • The Business Case for the Programme
  2. The life Cycle of the Programme
    • Obtaining a Mandate for the Programme
    • Initiating the Programme
    • Benefits of the Programme
    • Closing the Programme
  3. Programme Charter
    • The Content of the Programme Charter
    • Preparing the Charter
    • The Role and Importance of the Programme Charter
  1. Initiating Programme
    • Providing Management Processes
    • Provision of Infrastructure
    • Planning Programme
    • Risk Management
    • Budget Management
  2. Monitoring Programme
    • Useful Indicators
    • The Role of Programme Manager and Project Manager
    • Status Reporting
  3. Closing Programme
    • Closing Projects and Programme
    • Principles of collecting Lessons Learned
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