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Project portfolio management - 2-day


  • Understand and support the strategy of your organization
  • Learn how to build project portfolios that will benefit your organization
  • Skilfully communicate strategy to stakeholders
  • Manage requirements of project portfolio’s stakeholders
  • Set of useful tools



The scope of the training course
  1. Enterprise Strategy
    • Strategy and Change Management
    • The Role of Constraints in Shaping Strategy
    • Definition and Elements of Effective Strategy
    • Strategy Evaluation Methods
    • The Benefits of Strategic Thinking
  2. Project Portfolio Management
    • Basic Terms and Definitions
    • Relationship Between Project Portfolio and Corporate Strategy
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Typical Difficulties and Mistakes in Project Portfolio Management
    • Organizational Structure and Portfolio Management
  1. Building an effective portfolio
    • Methods of Selecting Projects to Portfolio
    • Prioritising Projects
    • Enabling New Projects
    • Analysis of the Project Portfolio
    • Periodic Inspections
    • Filtering Projects
  2. Strategic Thinking about the Project Portfolio
    • Traditional versus Strategic Model
    • Adjusting the Portfolio Strategy
    • Monitoring of Compliance with the Strategy


Duration: 2 days
Net Price: 2800 PLN

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PL 30-081 Kraków
+48 600 990 910