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Closed courses are available only for those delegated by the client. Although course location is usually of their choice, we are always happy to assist in finding the most suitable, convenient location.
The great advantage of closed courses is that content, materials and working methods are tailored to meet specific expectations and needs.



Project management in accordance with PMI

This is a three-day course in fundamentals of project management, during which you will learn about the complete project life cycle - from the decision to launch it to its termination. You will practice essential techniques and methods of work that will allow you to initiate, manage and maintain any kind of projects. Acquired monitoring and supervisory skills will give you confidence that your project is heading in the right direction.
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Project management in accordance with PMI - simulation game

This course aims at people who either have already undergone a project management course or prefer learning through practice. You will take part in a two-day simulation game during which you and your team will be responsible for delivering products to your clients and sponsors. This game will put you through all stages of a project and will provide you with valuable, constructive feedback all the way.
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This course is for professionals who possess decent knowledge of PMI project management standard and want to sit the exam in the near future. It helps participants to plan their personal exam preparation strategy, provides invaluable exam tips, explains the most difficult issues and gives plenty of opportunities to practice.
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Zarządzanie projektami zwinnymi (Agile)

We współczesnym, pędzącym, szybko zmieniającym się otoczeniu biznesowym, obowiązkiem każdego kierownika projektu jest poznanie zwinnych metod zarządzania projektami. Szkolenie prezentuje narzędzia, którymi możesz wzbogacić swój warsztat pracy w tradycyjnych projektach lub po prostu wykorzystać je w realizowanych projektach zwinnych.
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Project manager’s general skills

There is a certain set of skills that project managers have to constantly develop to stay efficient in their role. This course recognizes these skills and teaches you through practice how to master them in everyday professional life. Although considered to be within general managerial competencies, when put in project management context these skills take slightly different shades, and the course focuses on such differences.
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Analytical problem solving and decision making

Modern environment requires us to make quick decisions and solve problems on the fly while still being efficient. Intuitive or creative solutions can certainly suffice to deal with some of our everyday. However, sometimes every manager faces complex problems, which require analytical approach. If correctly applied, such approach will lead you to success.
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Zarządzanie programem projektów

Szkolenie bazuje na standardzie zarządzania programami według PMI®. Poznasz na nim najlepsze praktyki, techniki i narzędzia budowania, planowania i zarządzania programem. Praktyczny wymiar szkolenia, warsztatowa forma pracy, gotowe szablony dokumentów sprawią, że po powrocie ze szkolenia z marszu wniesiesz istotne usprawnienia.
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Project risk management

Importance of project risk management is reflected by the sheer number of processes related to project risk described in PMBOK Guide or by the very existence of Risk Management Professional certificate. If you want to become an expert in this field, than this course is for you.
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Project portfolio management

Project manager’s skillset is not sufficient to manage a portfolio of projects. To effectively manage project portfolios, you must think strategically about the whole organization, not only about the projects themselves. This course will teach you how to build project portfolios that will support the overall strategy of your organization.
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BABOK based business analysis

This training will familiarize you with role and responsibilities of a business analyst. Through theory and practice, you will acquire techniques and tools that will enable you to professionally gather, record, validate, trace and communicate requirements. This training is based entirely on A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge.
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