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Piotr Mendygrał

Social psychologist and sociologist. Social competence coach. Graduated from The School of Training and Psychological Methodology in O?rodek Pomocy i Edukacji Psychologicznej INTRA [The Centre of Psychological Help and Education INTRA] and Szko?a Treningu Grupowego – Grupa Training&Consulting [The School of Group Training run by Training&Consulting Group]. Since September 2005 the Chairman of The Foundation for the Development of Psychosocial Skills MANZANA.
Participated in the first edition of Szko?a Liderów Organizacji Pozarz?dowych [The School for NGO Leaders]. Member of Stowarzyszenie Trenerów Organizacji Pozarz?dowych STOP [Association of NGO Coaches STOP].
Co-founder of Instytut Kapita?u Spo?ecznego [Institute of Social Capital]. Specialises in workshops on team building, communication, public speaking and assertiveness building. Runs workshops and training sessions for NGOs (including Fundacja Idealna Gmina , Warszawskie Centrum Kobiet [Warsaw Women’s Centre]), local government units (including City Hall in Lublin, Srokowo, PUP [District Employment Agency] in My?lenice and Namys?ów, WCPR [Warsaw Family Assistance Centre], OPS and MOPS [Local Social Welfare Centres], PCPR [District Family Assistance Centres]), as well as commercial trainings for companies (including Generali, DaimlerChrysler, Trouw Nutrition, Dexia Kommunalkredit Bank Polska, BRE Bank, Avon). He also conducts coaching sessions using the method of interpersonal training and group process. Among others, he coordinated trainings in the project of Centrum Edukacji S?u?b Publicznych i Administracji [Centre for Education of Public Services and Administration] ‘Organisational changes in labour market institutions’ (ESF 1.1 Programme).
He has been working as a social competence coach with projects financed by Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development’, Civic Initiatives Fund, European Social Fund, Phare and others for 8 years. Over the past 3 years he has delivered over 2000 training hours for various target groups: business, employees of public administration offices and social activists.



ul. Królewska 65a/1
PL 30-081 Kraków
+48 600 990 910