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Magdalena Czarnecka

Coach, psychologist, consultant with 10 years of experience. Specializes in projects from an area of personal effectiveness development and improvement of the staff in organizations: leadership and motivating, conflicts in an organization, coaching and The Training for Coaches projects. She has worked as an internal coach in an international outsourcing, pharmacy and retail corporations, where she had specialized in training courses concerning work optimization of the goal teams, employees’ skills development at every level of the organization.
She co-operates with Dojrzewalnia Ró? (Rose Ripening Room) conducting interpersonal training courses. Realizes project, supported by The ESF, in an area of soft competences for Sabre, Motorola, Ikea, Agricultural University in Cracow, Jagiellonian University and many more. Her ability to work with groups was being developed also by conducting training courses for officers of the uniformed services (MSWiA (Ministry of The Interior and Administration), MON (Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland)) based on Gestalt methods and in many shorter workshops based on group processes.


ul. Królewska 65a/1
PL 30-081 Kraków
+48 600 990 910