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Welcome to the Invictus Training

Invictus Training is a consulting and training business founded in 1998 and active in the market ever since. Initially, we delivered soft skills trainings. We specialized in outdoor team building games whose purpose was to achieve certain objectives set to us by clients. These games focused mainly on relations within team, problem solving, strategical thinking, communication, decision making, team management and project management. Every outdoor session was followed by consultation that allowed participants to draw conclusions and summarize the practical part of the training.

At the same time we were fulfilling orders on more traditional training forms, virtually in every field: from selling, through personal and managerial competences, to strategic organization management. A breakthrough came in 2004, when we got involved in EU projects, both on our own and in various consortia. The volume of projects we carried out, their value, and risks involved, required us to become professionals in this field. We trained project managers, opened a Project Management Office, modified structure, procedures and processes of managing projects. As a result, all EU funded projects we were involved in since 2004 were fully coordinated in all key areas.

Since 2008 we specialize in broadly understood project management. We specialize in:

  • Developing and implementing dedicated methodologies of project management in all industries,
  • Organizing project management offices,
  • Auditing projects with focus on best practise and management standards,
  • Developing templates of project related documents and tools,
  • Helping with integration of project realization strategy into company’s strategy,
  • Supporting project, programme and portfolio managers,
  • Providing support to boards of directors,
  • Delivering a lot of training

Currently, 90% of our consulting and training services relate to project management on all levels of proficiency.

We invite you to cooperation.

ul. Królewska 65a/1
PL 30-081 Kraków
+48 600 990 910